Recline into a recycled chair of whatever….

Broad Strokes narrow linesThe cling of residue is not as listening to the end of rain… It is more like a dangerous virus indulging in its wasteful raillery, or letting itself kill you. Yes, this is my poor excuse for feeding a discomfort of a terrible year which ended in even more grief for my graveyard.

It is incredibly difficult to find footing on any land, when even believed concrete pavements can quickly become invisible… And all that is left is a chase to keep as much physical form, ground, so you can still at least walk. This is what I attempted in last month’s broadcast of Washington Heights Free Radio’s (WHFR) Broad Strokes hour with Calypso Sally. My attempts failed immensely…

Even though I spinned a lot of deeply felt tunes, and I like the mix I eventually came up with, my commentary was fucked up. So as an apology, my redemption to WHFR and my likely listeners, I am going to re-play the tunes from last month’s broadcast. No commentary next Wednesday, February 27. Indulgence necessary!


The Beach Arabs on Broad Strokes

Despite what maybe discerned as a disturbing name choice, The Beach Arabs are actually taking risks that we wouldn’t take. And why are they not playing it safe? I have no clue. Maybe it’s because of the times, where you have nothing to lose since you’ve lost everything. Maybe it’s because all the guitar virtuosos are dusty legends waiting to be mentioned over cocktails. But I foresee the development of this band, as I think there is something there, being conveyed beyond their youthful ploy of drawing attention to themselves with the name The Beach Arabs.  Regardless, the band’s tonality carries the Riot Grrl sound and agenda into a contemporary state of complexities, which can quite possibly be the reason for their name and their risk taking. They may recognize that all our concerns are just noise, which is cleverly communicated in the dry humdrum of the vocals. Nothing about our existence validates a congruence, and this is where I feel The Beach Arabs have found a nerve, that is edgy enough to make you question why?

The Beach Arabs will perform a live acoustic set on (WHFR) Washington Heights Free Radio‘s Broad Strokes hour on Wednesday, September 26, at 8:00pm. Learn how to listen HERE.

You can also check out last month’s show with Passenger Peru, HERE.

A First Stroke of Passenger Peru

Uncommon to commonplace trends, Passenger Peru‘s self titled album subtly dismantles the norm, and engages with teases, licking  a familiarity only when necessary. You are a passenger on their quest. For sound that will rearrange thought processes for listening to and discovering devotion and discipline, I learned so much from this record.

I remember the night I first was introduced to these guys. They were Pet Ghost Project then, and I was so enthralled by their attempt to create something exceptionally special, that I bought all of their cds. The delicate attention to detail that I was waiting for back when they were Pet Ghost Project is now fully expressed in this new direction, where it’s just the two core members of Pet Ghost Project: Justin Stivers, and Justin Gonzalez.

With just Justin Stivers on bass, and Justin Gonzalez on guitar, they eliminated the need for a live drummer/percussionist with great success. You’ll understand what I mean, if you ever go to one of their shows.

Anyway, I’ll be playing Passenger Peru to its entirety on the next Broad Strokes hour with Calypso Sally, Wednesday, August 29 at 8:00pm on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR). The band will be present to answer any questions I, or you may have.

Broad Strokes, Wednesday, June 27 with special guest Fables

The next Broad Strokes episode on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR) is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 27 at 8:00pm with special guest Fables. The electric duo Fables will be playing a live acoustic set in WHFR’s studio.


Also, last month’s Broad Strokes was a blast. Listen HERE, see below for the playlist.


Intro by Gary Clark Jr.
Fitta Happier by Quakers
Dark Horse by Other Lives
Rise to the Sun by Alabama Shakes
Outro by Gary Clark Jr.
Blood by The Middle East
Hustle Bones by Death Grips
Black Fractal by The Netherlands
Alternative Power to the People by The Dandy Warhols
Other People by Beach House
Disparate Youth by Santigold
The Night by School of Seven Bells
Deeper by THEESatisfaction
No Hands by Mirel Wagner
Steamship Authority by Father Figures

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Broad Strokes on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR)

Last month, I was on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR) for my monthly radio show Broad Strokes. I was flying solo as Calypso Sally, no live bands, just me and the tunes! Anyway, I played some new tunes that may be new to you. So check it out HERE.


Astronomic Club by Air
Cowboy by Bel Air
Prove It On Me by Bell’s Roar
Tracks (Tall Bodies) by Chelsea Wolfe
Nothing is News by Damien Jurado
Good Day Today by David Lynch
New Year’s Eve by First Aid Kit
White Picket Fence by Gonjasufi
Nikels and Dimes by Gonjasufi
Rainbow Kraut by The John Steel Singers
ShapeShifters by Invincible
For Those Things That Are Past by Let Fall The Sparrow
Morning Feedback by Magnetic Island
One Time by The Roots
Mike McDermott by Sharon Van Etten

Bringing you stories, live events, and much more, WHFR tries and remains independent of any corporate sponsorship.  So, if you like what WHFR is doing, you can donate by contacting us at  DIY forever baby!

My next show is on Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00pm, and I may have a very special surprise, so tune in. Also, thanks to everyone who voted for me on the drumming competition for women, Hit Like Girl. If you haven’t voted, you still can by going HERE.

Broad Strokes 2012

It has been awhile since the last Broad Strokes broadcast… Broad Strokes is still alive and kicking it! In fact, there’s a show this Wednesday, February 29 at 8:00pm on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR). The first show for the year! And what better way to start your Broad Strokes listening off with a First Listen of new music.

This first show of Broad Strokes will test the waters of 2012, featuring new music by the band The Catskills. Presently, a nomad Americana band that you may have known as Object. Nomad, because after the release of Object’s EP, Tomorrowland, band members Eric Kramer and Maria Schettino decided to flee the out of control high stress, and accelerating rent of New York.

They freed themselves of their Brooklyn home, equipped with a practice and recording space, for the open air and more room to truly reflect. A reflection that translates a simplistic longing, that doesn’t beg for approval. Their music now, as Catskills, expresses the generosity that you’d find gripping you at night. Love exists between them, that a lone wolf wanders, and hopes to find in a howl.

Calypso Sally will be your conductor, as we travel and ask hard questions about putting out a record outside the Mecca of record making New York.

Bringing you stories, live events, and much more, WHFR tries and remains independent of any corporate sponsorship.  So, if you like what WHFR is doing, you can donate by contacting us at  DIY forever baby!

Broad Strokes Live and Direct this Wednesday, September 28

Live and direct this Wednesday, September 28, I, Calypso Sally, will be spinning some of the dopest women in rock tunes on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR) Broad Strokes. It’s gonna be a blast from ear to ear. Calypso Sally in the house! Flooding your eardrum with just a taste of women who not only front the band but also are the rhythm section. Talk about hotness galore!

Anywhoo, for those of you that don’t know,  I have a radio show called Broad Strokes, and it streams live off the web every last Wednesday of the month. My dj name is Calypso Sally, but I don’t just play Kaiso, lol.

I try to play a broad range of genres, stretching from indie rock, pop, alternative, noise rock, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, metal, calypso, funk etc.  It’s sort of a mixed bag.  I also have live acoustic performances.

You can check the last show HERE which featured women rappers rocking the mic.

Last Month’s Playlist:

Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches
Hey There Girl by Yo! Majesty
Dead Nigga Blvd, Part 1 by Meshell Ndegeocello
You Ain’t Hard by Maimouna Youssef
10 Dollar by M.I.A.
Ruth Speaks featuring Vee by Flo Brown
Go Then, Bye by Speech Debelle
Voice Yr Choice (Tobacco Remix) by The Go! Team
Fake French by Le Tigre
Still Dope featuring Empress Starhh by Doom
#8 by Jean Grae
Normal by Envy
Shove It featuring Spankrock by Santogold
Ch Ching by Lady Sovereign
Che Sara Sara featuring Miss Saigon by King Britt

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Broad Strokes’s Schedule:

  • October 26th, Teletextile plays live acoustic set at WHFR’s studio.
  • November 30th, a first listen/live interview of the west coast band, Let Fall The Sparrow.
  • December 28th, TBD

If you’re in a band or you know a band and or singer/song writer that would like to do a show, contact me at: