About Cocoyea

According to Cote ci Cote la: Trinidad & Tobago Dictionary cocoyea is, “The shaft of the coconut leaves on a branch. The dried fronds are used in handicraft, birdcages, building of Carnival costumes etc. The dried fronds are sometimes tied in a bunch making it a cocoyea broom, which is used for certain rituals, and for sweeping.”

The only ritual I associate the cocoyea broom with is the image of my mother bent over sweeping, and possibly beating me and my younger brother’s ass. But that was when I was very young.

By the time I was in my early teens, I could of easily forgotten what cocoyea meant if it wasn’t for a borough called Cocoyea in the city of San Fernando.

I lived in between two towns: Cocoyea and Marabella. If I ever wanted to get home from High Street (the heart of San Fernando), I needed to catch one of the Cocoyea maxi-taxis on the promenade, in front of the Library, or an around de town taxi. Sometimes I just walked.

I find it hard to understand or describe myself in the everyday process of living, so this “about cocoyea” is like a 3 year old photograph of my passport, terribly old and unlike me in the present. I chose it because that’s the part of me I can recall and maybe speak almost clearly on. Hopefully through this adventure, I’d have more to say.

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9 thoughts on “About Cocoyea

  1. Cool story, multilayered like the coconut and the tiny turn of phrase into dialect, around de town taxi, is perfect, the rhythm is just in that phrase hidden in the writing under the plain old you the spirit persists, multilayered, love this piece of writing, poetry hidden in the prose like sweetness in the coconut, beautiful, perfect, well done,


  2. Your writing is very interesting…I am digging the poetry. I admire people who blog poetry…it is all out there, hanging without artifice and pretense. I think it is brave and lovely.

    xx link ya, okay?


  3. I’ve discovered quite a few nice places to stay in one year of blogging and Cocoyea has become one of them. Hope you have a great Christmas. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing into the new year. Cheers.

    Thanks and same to you 🙂


  4. well am a born and breed cocoyeanian.And no matter where I go in the world I return to cocoyea with renewed love and zest for the place. Thank you

    You’re welcome.


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