The Beach Arabs on Broad Strokes

Despite what maybe discerned as a disturbing name choice, The Beach Arabs are actually taking risks that we wouldn’t take. And why are they not playing it safe? I have no clue. Maybe it’s because of the times, where you have nothing to lose since you’ve lost everything. Maybe it’s because all the guitar virtuosos are dusty legends waiting to be mentioned over cocktails. But I foresee the development of this band, as I think there is something there, being conveyed beyond their youthful ploy of drawing attention to themselves with the name The Beach Arabs.  Regardless, the band’s tonality carries the Riot Grrl sound and agenda into a contemporary state of complexities, which can quite possibly be the reason for their name and their risk taking. They may recognize that all our concerns are just noise, which is cleverly communicated in the dry humdrum of the vocals. Nothing about our existence validates a congruence, and this is where I feel The Beach Arabs have found a nerve, that is edgy enough to make you question why?

The Beach Arabs will perform a live acoustic set on (WHFR) Washington Heights Free Radio‘s Broad Strokes hour on Wednesday, September 26, at 8:00pm. Learn how to listen HERE.

You can also check out last month’s show with Passenger Peru, HERE.


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