I’m still waiting for you to tell me
why I love you
really, really
I’m still perched
pecking with those beaks, with those words, filled with revenge
that you wouldn’t want to hear,
that you want to be a caged canary, anticipating
for you too, say it with your aching, arched straight with perfect shaped lines
while I’m still sleeping, I’m dead
dripping with the Young Breed Loves’ sincere senseless beginnings
thoughtless refrains, that are so slow but necessary
I’ve been waiting all of my dead filled life for them!
Outside or In your reckless want, that someone calls as your choices
that your words are meant, that don’t mean anything
you made an inappropriate bed, especially for certain peoples
I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry for me and my children,
that I only speak English to
calling it Holy is just an end of a day
that I can burn my finger on a cigarette
what waits, still weighs more than the moment
that rattles…


4 thoughts on “Straight!

  1. That is fantastic. Your writing just gets better and better, it has music in it both overt and covert. You’ve got the imagery under control, the energy channelled without losing your unique voice. Fantastic and getting better all the time.


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