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Fruitless thoughts

I’m tired of saying thank you to people when their ideas of living works solely for them, and not for others. It worked for you, and I’m thankful that it did, but maybe those principles are not going to work for me? Just maybe, our experiences in this world are such that they are so unique that even your schematic method wouldn’t work for me (I mean I am unique, and far from mass production right?)? Did you think about that? Did you think that maybe there are other variables involved? And to follow a particular technique, path, and or principles and glorify them are just another mode of destruction, another source of alienation from others? I understand the need for structure, but maybe the idea of “structure” is far different for each and every individual?

I was forwarded a link to Brain Picking Weekly, and one of the articles listed was Anton Chekhov on the 8 Qualities of Cultured People. Not only did I have a problem with the word “cultured” (we’ll get to that later), but the number eight being suggested as a be all and end all, (I dunno, I think I would come up with qualities for each year that I’ve survived living, but that’s just my opinion), also I’m not a white (possibly straight) Russian man with a poor perspective of the current state of life in MOSCOW, 1886.

I’m currently living in 2013, and clearly none of these social and personal modifications suggested as qualities have changed the world in a positive way. If anything they have perpetuated separation, elitism, and shame. The very idea of being labeled “cultured” by the means of a certain palate of establishment, suggests a separation. The very word itself elicit classism, a degree of hate that augments the idea of inferiority, when most of our precious ideas are very subjectively spawned, and angst by others. And never-mind the history surrounding “being cultured.” How about we talk about that first, the chronological idea of culture and what that means before adopting principles of a dude in 1886 Moscow!

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