Masochistic Crush

August 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Maybe self possessed
sorts for reasons

when looking out
is a measure for not

not fall into this sea

flies cover my home
because I’ve died several times?

It must be in itself, within itself?

As a whole other story
one which cannot be edited?

It is a coliseum which does not even exist:
assumed colors
unrecognizable radius
presumed un-giving

which cannot speak?

A nothingness which means nothing
a line that none of us understand…

I understand as I lay my mess here?
Is that the absorption my body holds

that begs deeply
tide siren sigh

exhausted by hunger: a desire
to see her difficult look

which to me resembles
everything true?


we can look at each other
with such suspicions
eyes that are sharply rich
with a much effective presence
a dark yellow dance of wanting

maybe this is hope


May 14, 2014 Leave a comment

everything about familiarity is DISingenious

sitting with the slit throughout
even as a performed house

a perfection
homed to nothingness

which never wanted anything “differeNt”
not even as an uncomfortable wail

it must be real then

real enough lives in such purpose,  in such supposed choices:?
needing a cardboard box for definition

as what is your form?
what is your Romantic safety?

Is it yet, still to be offensive

Dependent on
as that particular…?


April 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Yes it has been 9 years this week, on Tuesday
when it was a Thursday that this eruption happened…
And yes I am still angry about it
because there is no karma for the doctor or anyone
who refused on a basis of: well, how is she going to pay
in fact that is how we conduct our lives and karma never had a place in it (nor does “justice”)
because that is the existence that we live in
that is life or better yet, this is how we care in this reality
but yet we get to use these marks of distinctions, yeah we get to ware it in, on our bodies
a comforting luxury which is karma, a revengeful occurrence that never happens
but yet we depend on its miraculous occurrence to be an omnipresent eye
so full with all the energy to see all the small things, and the moments before

Anyway, because “anyway” means a lot
I wrote this for you Mommy: DEEP CRY


aNYdAY… any day

April 12, 2014 Leave a comment

never hanging on the horizon
because bold is an is not an example

through the mist
the beautiful dew

when everything is 3 years prior to 5 years earlier

maybe a forever which sprouts today…
It still smells like yesterday, dull with its fresh aroma

sleep still daunts
awakens even as

it is not just numbers

, found fondness
as a discovery that leaps into happening

with a vacant wonder

drifting towards
the want to crawl towards letters.

I would like to write a letter
not an email but a letter
saying all you never wanted to be a liability of

And Sorry would be my ending refusal

quietly refuse
quietly refuse

It is an example

The Cat Report

April 10, 2014 Leave a comment


Bless her heart


“oh god, bless me with secret acts of mischief, pleaseeeee: forever this, and with this stupid human.  Back to you Mittens!”

“Hey Biscuit, saw you chilling, but I look soooo good at pretending that I’m not… It’s like I’m poetry!” Back to you Mick.

“Thank you Mittens and Biscuit. Yes, I am your broadcaster, Mick Murphy with The Cat Report. I am unusually orange… But, stay tune, I hear the pigs oinking up with their new single:  A New Way To Walk.




JOY, the Which

April 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Maybe the maybe is not maybes

An actually knowing?
Which involves a lot
a which that is distinct?

a belief which belongs with the ungamed, weak minds?

A hysterical involvement
a which game came

of none never wanting
because it is what we want to traffic as a signal
the hysterical idea of game-d: clutters of  pre-supersedes

a blinding symbolic
a message that is enunciated in

deeply exclamation
into its example marks.

Does this reveal GOD’s presence?
Does this reveal god or jesus’s pain?

Even as an emancipation from you?
Does it reveal a gleaner that is

hanging in a run-on sentence
for why black death existed?

Unless, of course, the mark of the Black Death itself represents an occurrence of urgency of emergence: “we” probably already had such a “luxury,” a magic which we were (oh wait, you were) had got by… The great burden to ignore ignorance?

SAFE has never been REAL

March 18, 2014 Leave a comment

the best
soft cost
of incurred indifference

occurrences without a balance sheet
a longing that was never heard of

Such magic
We use to call it the Devil’s work

Lags in your disaster

haunting dead bones
fully displaced as yours

Your mysterious head
is guillotined by the machine’s riot

A rattling of desperation
unanimously speaks
in hymns, in fucking tongues

In the moist unexpected
because the inside exists
even with the appeasement


safety pins cannot
be a cure for what you fear as “divine vengeance”

A damning denunciation

which never had


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